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Acoustic Sound Barrier Fencing - Acoustic Sound Barrier Fencing

Acoustic Sound Barrier Fencing
Acoustic Sound Barrier fencing construction options:

- Core of specially developed water absorbent Rock Delta stonewool.

- Cover netting of HD-Polyethylene in standard colours green or black with 7mm mesh size

- Galvanised steel frame construction with mesh size 150 x150 x 6mm (Element thickness 156mm) or 200 x 200 x 8mm (Element thicknes164mm)

- Sandwich construction

- Support lengths dependant on barrier height type USB 178 x 102 x 19mmsteel section hot dip galvanised

- If planting is requested planting can be done in the ground in front and/or in the back of the barrier

- The sound barrier fencing will normally be covered with plants in 3-5 years, all depending on the choice of plants and plant maintenance

- This barrier type needs no special irrigation or fertilization
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