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Barclay Fencing Contractors
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Our Expertise is in Commercial Area Fencing Installation    

WeldMesh Fencing & Gates
  WeldMesh Fencing & Gates
ProGuard Mesh Fencing
TwinGuard Mesh Fencing
SecureGuard Mesh Fencing
SecureGuard 358 Mesh Fencing
Welded Mesh Fencing is used for schools, public buildings, utilities, business parks, retail outlets and production plants.  
Railing and Gates Fencing
  Railing and Gates Fencing
Bow Top Railing Fencing
Vertical Bar Railing Fencing
Diamond-to-View Railing Fencing
Round Railing Fencing
Decorative Railing Fencing
Continuous Bar Railing Fencing
Railing and gates fencing is suitable for schools, play areas, commercial business, retail outlets and estate fencing.  
Acoustic Sound Barrier Fencing
  Acoustic Sound Barrier Fencing
Acoustic Sound Barrier Fencing
Tailor made fencing installation providing effective acoustic sound barrier fencing.  
Bollards and Barriers
  Bollards and Barriers
Steel Posts
Illuminated Bollards
Ornamental Bollards
Speed Ramps
Perimeter Barriers
Safety Barriers
Height Restrictor Barriers
One Way Flow Plates
Swing Gates
Automatic Barriers
A wide range of Bollards and Barriers for use in vehicle parking, access control and bicycle storage and security.  
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