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A wide range of Bollards and Barriers for use in vehicle parking, access control and bicycle storage and security.

Favourite Bollards and Barriers products include: Autopa, Urbaco
Steel Posts Steel Posts

Steel Posts can be installed as hinged, removable, sprung and fixed – for parking control. There is the option to have the steel posts lockable by integral lock of pad   more ...
Illuminated Bollards Illuminated Bollards

These illuminated bollards are suitable for pedestrian walkways, squares and gardens. Illuminated Bollards can also be installed in marinas, precincts & forecourts.   more ...
Ornamental Bollards Ornamental Bollards

For Plain and ornamental bollards both fixed and removable options are offered.   more ...
Speed Ramps Speed Ramps

These speed ramps are an effective means of controlling traffic speed. Speed ramps can accommodate any road width.   more ...
Perimeter Barriers Perimeter Barriers

Perimeter Barriers are installed for uses from trolley bays to pedestrian safety, access restriction and securing perimeters.   more ...
Safety Barriers Safety Barriers

Safety Barriers for use in car parks and industrial applications. Standard and heavy duty safety barrier systems are available.   more ...
Height Restrictor Barriers Height Restrictor Barriers

We install height restrictor barriers as either fixed or swing restrictors of galvanised steel.   more ...
One Way Flow Plates One Way Flow Plates

One Way Flow Plates are installed to restrict traffic flow to one direction only by deterring traffic from going the wrong way over the plates.   more ...
Swing Gates Swing Gates

Swing gates are available up to 6m long. Manual arm barriers are available up to 7m long.   more ...
Automatic Barriers Automatic Barriers

Automatic Barriers for vehicle access, giving control to both the small and large car park. Actuation by ground induction loop, key pad, token and remote control.   more ...
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